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“I have twin girls that were diagnosed with the flu and, as you know as a parent, that is very concerning… and they [Sunset Drugs] followed up and came through with everything that I needed for them. As far as medicine, the hospital reached the pharmacy immediately, everything was ready, everything was delivered to my home. I am very satisfied.”
“What I like best about Sunset Drugs is the quality of products that they have, so a trip to the pharmacy can actually become a good experience. While you are waiting for your medication the service is excellent. The quality of beauty, bath and home products that they have- it’s just outstanding! You get a combination of a high-end, big box store and a community pharmacy- it’s a great combination.
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“I like, personally, that you can do your one-stop shopping at Sunset Drugs. If you have a party on the weekend, you can buy a candle for a hostess gift, you can get your medicine and things like band aids. I like how they have unique products that you can’t get anywhere else. You can get your eyebrows done too! It offers so much more than any other pharmacy that I go to.”
“We find that a lot of the pharmacies are big chains and we can’t get through to a pharmacist directly, so we end up talking to  receptionists on the phone. Having a place like Sunset Drugs and being able to speak directly to the owner and the pharmacist makes it much easier for us to convey our concerns and be able to get the medications needed for our patients”
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“They ask very thorough questions before they fill any prescription, they know what the medical background is of the child or individual which is very important when filling prescriptions… [Sunset Drugs] knew what [my child] needed and what she couldn’t take; when your child is sick you don’t think straight your mind is like in five different places so for me they they helped channel my thinking… they were perfect.”
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