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Mommy & Me Beading Event

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We at Sunset Drugs were so happy to host a special event for our little-est shoppers. Mommies and daughters spent the afternoon in the store designing and making semi-precious stone beaded bracelets. Each girl chose her color scheme, stones and accent pieces and then created three bracelets that they were able to keep for themselves. The Mommies not only had a great time helping their girls with the jewelry, but shopping in the Sunset Drugs Boutique. An extra bonus was shopping the latest fashions from KK Trends! After constructing bracelets, the girls “constructed” delicious candy bags from the candy bar filled with treats! The girls had such a good time that a couple of the Mommies approached us about repeating the event as a birthday party for the daughters. So, maybe Sunset Drugs will be the next birthday party venue!!! We would be thrilled and love hosting special, memory-filled events.